June 27, 2010

We Won Fake Championship

After the lost against Ghana in the World Cup 2010 by the United States team, I took it up into research to find out if money actually played a role in the world cup. Well, to not my surprise, it actually did and heavily. I had seen after the New York Yankees had won their World Series title, how much of a parade they had. Manhattan was packed with people as the media all over New York or at least New York City kept on going to the parade talk and what is going on there right now. 
Maybe this is not a really great information to look at: coach Radley gets $600,000 in a four year contract (USA Today). In another source, I found out that Landon Donavan gets $900,000 which in my opinion is a lot for compared to these, is it enough? Alex Rodriguez gets a 33 million dollar salary, well something is showing up. Also, checking up the average salary among the MLB players, I was shocked. Up to 2010, the average salary of MLB players is $3,297,828. I started wonder if the combined amount of salary for all the football players from the World Cup would equal to this.
Now if these MLB players had only won the actual World Series where they would be playing against at least 16 (half of the countries playing the World Cup), then it would make sense. These people get so much money and more as I looked up this article from the New York Times. Former Mayor Giuliani started with the stadium called 'Citi Field' which would take $800 million dollars of taxpayer money. This state is under debt and still the debt rises and as a child, I saw how my parents work tirelessly for money and about 15% of it would go to taxes. So these tax money is used this way, this is the welfare of public? Also in the same report, it is started that $390 million would be used for transportation, which is again done by the MTA that shuts down their services from this same day in many locations. I have one question ask to the people, what is the world and what should be the World Cup? That's why we we should be paying more in those sectors.

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