June 30, 2010

Budget Crisis NYC

Yesterday, the new budget was revealed in New York City by the Mayor himself for the new year that is to be started from Thursday. Through some financial regulations done, it was possible to have 5 days of library service, 200 child caseworkers and 20 fire companies. There will be at least 1,000 layoffs, 2,000 teaching and 4,000 non-teaching professions will be taken out of the list. There will be a $1.3 billion cut from the state and there would not be any tax increase. The budget is of a 0.1 percent increase from last year when the price throughout the world has risen more than just 0.1 percent. In fact, it is said that the spending cost rose to 6 percent or $3.6 billion. 

This video by amilcarbrooklyn shows the all the ways the city will be slashed

The question that remains is: is New Yorkers ready for a cut that is this massive? Well, maybe we are because already we have faced some changes in the MTA that provides the transportation in New York City, but there is still ways to get through the city. If there is no public school, if there is no hospital, if there is no money to hire, where will the citizens go? Where will they go to find their doctor and tell their pain and where will they go to seek education among their young ones?

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