July 16, 2010

Twitter Changed for Sure Cause of WC

Well, maybe you might have not changed or your idea about your favorite sport. But Twitter sure did change after the world cup, as this news came out of their blog. The final of the world cup was the most sustained activity for Twitter in it's history. Tweet per second (TPS) was higher than usual during the game and during the last 15 minutes of the game, it jumped to 2000 TPS and after Spain's goal, it was 3051 TPS. People from 172 countries tweeted during the final of the world cup in 27 different languages! At the winning goal, more than 81 countries tweeted in 23 different languages!

@miguelrios from twitter created this image to represent all of the talking phrases during the game hours:

Image by @miguelrios
This image shows the summary of twitter usage during the world cup:
Image by @miguelrios
What do you see when you see this image? Let's not just say those are sound waves, because then they would be really loud!

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