July 04, 2010

Wrong Calls Kills a Country

FIFA has made some commitment in their "bad calls" by their referees in this World Cup. Frank Lampard's goal in the match against Germany was the major mistake done by any referee in this world cup. Another mistake was done in the match between Argentina vs Mexico  when a clear offside got Argentina to take the lead. The committee will reconsider bringing out a video technology system to identify the right and the wrong calls much more precisely during the match. Angelo Favarelli of the Bleachreport argues that, video technology in football is impossible.
Football on the other hand, is a free-flowing game, interrupted only by the odd bad tackle or dive. [..] Video technology would only serve to ruin a fast paced and action packed match further. [..] Video technology would also ruin the post-match analysis and the sheer unpredictability that makes football such a unique sport. Nearly everything that happens in a match is a talking point of some kind. What on Earth would the pundits and analysts do at the end of a game if there was nothing to discuss and pass opinion on? [..] And of course there is nothing more exciting than watching a manager's post-match reaction, especially when the referee has denied his team a clear penalty. Again, video technology would only come along and ruin that.
But does the apology actually benefit the players at all? Batter's apology saying : “I deplore when you see the evident referees’ mistakes. It has not been a five-star game for referees. I’m distressed by the evident referees’ mistakes. The only principle we are going to bring back for discussion is goal-line technology, for situations like the Mexico game, you don’t need technology. We want to keep football as a game of the people with a human face, so we don’t want technology on the field of play because we want to maintain the spontaneity of football — played, administered and controlled by human beings."

So, what is allowed in many others sports are banned in this, the most popular sport? This not only changes the ideology that one has towards the game of football but it changes their intention to watch it or not. One might argue with me that stopping the game actually will take away the rhythm of the game and many players will them fracture during their performance but if this video technology is bought with a much bigger screen television to watch where the change is being done, then the game would continue in it's own pace. The rightness would prevail and the truth would then show up in the game. If that happens, then the wrong calls done by referees would not be much of a "kill for the country".

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