August 11, 2010

Swami Vivekananda 1.3.9

  • From previous incarnation, the powers can be transferred to the next. Indian chemistry asks why cannot be have our soul transferred during the course of our knowledge? 
  • Certain words at certain times in certain conditions can give power which is unbelievable. Mortification and asceticisms can lead to practices that cannot be thought of through the body and by practicing, we will never feel pain. Concentration is Samadhi, the ultimate goal from Yoga.
  • All the knowledge and power are in a human, only blocked, which opened would lead to gaining powers he had. 
  • Evolution, in Patanjali's theory is formed because of our desire to become perfect but ignorance has held us back to becoming perfect.
  • The Purusha is never hurt by any karma, the good ones only prevail it, and the bad ones hide it. When it is prevailed, the mind that was always yours comes into view, the same material that was used for your mind is the same material for macrocosm. 
  • The person who has attained Samadhi has no desire. He does not work of three kinds: black (evil actions), white (good actions) and mixed.
  • Desires change according to body, and is separated by species, space and time. Each body acts as if it were a descendant of a series of bodies of that species only; thus, consecutiveness of desires is not to be broken. Desire is without beginning.
  • Cause is the rise of desire and until an effect comes, the desire will live upon you. 
  • The universe rose from the three gunas and their modes of manifestation. Their changes are co-ordinated, having their unity.
  • The universe is both mental and material and in flux at all times. What makes it to look at no change is the fact that the change is rhythmic. The mind changes to it, to understand the change. If a cart and a train moves at the same speed, another outside stationary material is needed to picture which is faster and we first perceive the faster motion. But that stationary is also moving, changing, and it continues to find the non-changing until you find Purusha.
  • Each body acts as if it were a descendant of a series of bodies of that species only; thus, consecutiveness of desires is not to be broken. The cognition will continue until it is understood that their is no storehouse for memory. Because of the mind takes the form of Purusha, it comes conscious.
  • We see the true sense of nature, we lose fear and the mind attains isolation. The Purusha is happiness and blessed by its own nature but covered by past impressions.
  • All the powers that a Yogi receives age given back, called Dharma-megha, the cloud of virtue, and the power is given back. All the knowledge comes to him and understand the same as Buddha or Christ.
  • While I think, many moments pass, and with each moment there is a change of idea, but I only
    perceive these changes at the end of a series. This is called succession.

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