September 01, 2010

Still Fighting Strong & Brave

Even when the President of the United States was delivering a speech to end combat in Iraq and withdraw combat troops from the region, the soldiers were fighting. The Associated Press reports "American soldiers were sealing off a northern village early Wednesday as their Iraqi partners raided houses and arrested dozens of suspected insurgents."

But an optimistic president cannot be let down by these raids. As told in a New York Times Blog by a Iraqi teacher:
“I have not heard the speech. It’s an American matter between President Obama and the people of the United States. We do not care if they withdraw or not. The important thing is that security is improved and we can live an ordinary life.”

This declares that safety and security is the main concern still lurking in Iraq's backyard, which the Americans say has vanished from the American and NATO forces in Iraq. The praises that President Obama received from the Iraqis will help in the course of action and through the time that passes with it. But in Politico, it is stated that fewer people have actually watched the speech. The report, according to Nielsen states that 29.2 million viewers were watching the speech, which is 9 percent fewer than June's oil spill speech. But the phrase that is mentioned all over the news is one, that it is "time to turn the page", and sure will it be a page turned in the history book of the United States.

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