October 09, 2010

Rationalist Says...Oops

As I heard the stories from the Bible, I started to question myself about what I was hearing. Partiality, segregation, an infinite dynasty, 'fear God' and victory? How can these be implied to Christianity and rationalism? Let me get to the point, then it will all be clear. These are taken from the Old Testament, and are not to written to offend anyone.

David is the second king of the kingdom of Israel. Saul is the first king for the same kingdom.
The idea that David is chosen seems to be wrong to the fact that how can God look at each of the individuals differently? God withdrawing his favor from Saul seems to say that God was discriminating between human beings that were essentially all created by Him. Even if this is thought wrong

David's dynasty forever, then where is Doomsday?

It is noted in the Old Testament also "Fear God and keep his commandments into judgment including every secret thing for God will bring every deed into judgment including every secret thing weather good or evil".
"Fear the God", what does that seem like? Why should one "fear" God when he is supposed to be the loving and caring person?

"God will ultimately be victorious over evil and establish his kingdom forever"-- so not victorious now?
Really, what are we supposed to think about this quote? God will ultimately be victorious over evil, does that mean that he is not victorious right now? Did not he created it all and controls it all? If that is true, then it also has to be true that you don't have to be victorious. Or am I to think that God is Frankenstein who has no control over what He has created?

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