December 11, 2010

Verizon Review & the Truth had showered me with all the statistics I needed. Europe: 9.59mbps. North America: 8.14. Okay the United States: 9.89. Rhode Island has the highest 16.73 (I thought Rhode Island was the smallest state in the United States). Hauppauge had the highest 34.26 and second highest Geenvale with 34.78. Let me see those on the map, but sorry they were not there.
Now lets go to my location, which said it had Road Runner/Earthlink/Verizon but Verizon with 2.37mbps? No more. I looked up the headquarter for Verizon which I noticed to be in New York meaning Manhattan. But one of the major company to rise in the wireless, are they backing up with their basics, the internet? I had no clue whatsoever about Verizon's plans and what this would bring for them but I was pretty sure that it would not benefit the Verizon company as it hoped. When I had called Verizon, I heard their own technical services calling the billing section in various names. For example, when the technical service section tried to create a line for me with the billing, the technical department had to call their billing section "crap" as if these in the billing section did not do any good. I understood the problem right away because for me to talk to a technical representative took me 10+ minutes but for me to talk to a billing representative took me 30+ minutes. The good thing was that I had speaker phone so that I could put it on speaker and wait for them but for the ones who do not have speaker phone or do not know how to use it, how does Verizon feel? First they do not have the capability to provide you with that much service and then they tell you you have to wait?

Or I believe Verizon is trying to tell us something. They are trying to tell us, we do not need you. Why do you not switch to Earthlink or Road Runner?

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