April 23, 2011

Only 10 Teams in 2015

In the 2015 Cricket World Cup, the International Cricket Council is thinking about inviting only 10 countries. This would mean that only the countries with test ranking will be allowed into the World Cup. Over the internet, many countries are speaking against it. Afghanistan, Ireland, Singapore and Canada are speaking up first. Within 48 hours of the final of World Cup 2011, this decision was out. Countries like Afghanistan are the top rising stars that are rising up to compete in the upcoming world cup.
@rickeyre in Twitter commented: and if the ICC continues to limit the World Cup to 10 teams it's an admission of their failure to create a global sport.
Now cricket Australia is saying that it is their idea to limit the number of teams in the world cup so that the game stays popular. In Australia, it is not as popular to make the weak games into the pay-per-view list. Many stadiums would be without any supporter and that would be a disaster for the ICC. Cricket Australia's spokesman said:
"Our starting point on ICC Events has always been that qualification should be based on merit. We support moving to a 10-team ICC World Cup in 2015 and longer term, support moving to ICC World Cups which are 10-team contests based on merit, (like) the top 10-ranked nations in the world. The ICC has discussed reviewing the position on 2015 and we will be an interested participant (both as an ICC member and also as a co-host) in that discussion."
Many are sending their responses to ICC's new format:
@Dylstra: I've just e-mailed @cricketicc as to why a 10-team 2015 World Cup is a horrible idea. You should too: enquiry@icc-cricket.com
As I looked over, I would consider that this was because of the Australian board which could not let Australia be in the ODI top rank.

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