May 03, 2011

Halfway Down the IPL

The Indian Premiere League now has a new chairman, replacing the previous Lalit Modi. As this happened, the look of the tournament has also changed as the matches are not getting interesting at all. The current Commissioner and the Chairman of IPL is Chirayu Amin, who has had time with monitoring and managing companies such as the Alembic Ltd., a 104 years old pharmaceutical company.

Lalit Modi, the previous Chairman and Commissioner of IPL was alleged of taking bribes and committing corruption. With the introduction of two new teams, the Pune Warriors and the Kochi Tuskers, the Chairman wanted to sell those franchises by money. The bid caused resignation of Shashi Tharoor, a minister of India which also led to the removal of Lalit Modi from the Chairman and Commissioner's position.

As this was happening, two teams were also asked to be removed. The Rajasthan Royals and the Kings XI Punjab had their franchises terminated because these franchises breached ownership rules.

Now at the halfway stage into this year's competition, questions of close matches raise. In the previous years when Modi was the Chairman and the Commissioner of IPL, matches had been much close than before. These has not been a single tie in this year's IPL yet. There has also not been a match with a 1 run victory or a 1 wicket victory. There has been one tie game in the previous year, or another tie in the previous year. This year, the wins are much greater with runs or wickets, causing everyone to believe that maybe it had some managing from the Chairman himself.

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