July 27, 2011

Deadline: For the Politicians & Other Careers

What would the Congress face if the debt limit is not passed by August 2nd? For me, it is difficult to say; rather I would list what a deadline would mean for each career.

  • Student: a project or homework deadline would mean that anything after that deadline is late. That homework/project would be graded differently. If that is the first assignment from the teacher from the school year, then the teacher would start to look at the student that has handed in the project/homework late or did not hand it in at all. This might cause the student to receive a failing grade.
  • Chemist: failing to give in the research report by the deadline would most likely mean a fire for the chemist. Even if that is not the case, he would have to go through higher authority of the company looking over his work for a really long period of time.
  • Cost estimator: a cost estimator failing to "estimate" the cost would mean he does not want the job. He would better look for another job because he is getting fired.
  • Designer: failing to submit the design of clothing, website or any other type of object would mean that the designer is putting extra work into the project. He is devoted and an extraordinary project is expected from him/her.
  • Doctor: a doctor failing a due date (for example of a surgery) would mean the person with heart condition (if they had heart conditions) to be dead because the doctor could not coupe with the deadline that was posted.
  • Lawyer: a lawyer not presenting sufficient information before the deadline of a case would make the lawyer lose the case. In the bar association, he would receive poor reputation.
  • Professional Athlete: a professional athlete not submitting the forms for an entry to one of the competition would ultimately lead the athlete to not compete at all even if that athlete is one that everyone knows about.
  • Reporter: a reporter not submitting an article on deadline might cause the reporter to get fired from the job.
  • Teacher: a teacher not submitting the grades of his/her students before the deadline would cause the teacher answer questions from the school administration as well as his/her students.
And what does our politicians have to face? Do they face their own conscience or as Alexander Hamilton had said: "the Great Beast"?

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