August 13, 2011

Movie Review: Noukadubi

Noukadubi Poster
It is always considered a major struggle to turn a classic novel into a movie and it is always difficult to turn one of Bengal's prominent author's novesl into a motion picture. That is what Noukadubi (Boat Wreck) is, written by Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel laureate in literature. Director Rituporno Ghosh, who has already experimented with various classical novels, has made Noukadubi into a two-language film, both Bengali and Hindi. Ramesh, the protagonist of the film faces dilemma all throughout the movie. When his father calls him home from the village to for an arranged marriage, he faces dilemma from his love, Hemnalini. The two granddaughters of the great-Bengal actress Suchitra Sen plays the role of Hemnalini and Ramesh's married wife, Kamala. When they are on their way to return to Calcutta, the name of the film is visually seen by the viewers. This single incident brings confusion in Ramesh's life when he has to live it with an unknown girl that he had not married but is forced to show that she is his wife.
To the viewers, this confusion might seem awkward at first. Mostly towards the foreigners it might seem not common for a wife to not see the face of her husband during marriage and even after until they are alone. This is the common action done by ordinary Indians during the early 1900s and before. This period film depicts whether true love will finally triumph.
The reviews of Noukadubi were seen in newspapers such as The Telegraph from Calcutta, claiming that the movie tries to visualize how "the shiny ball called love wants to roll into the right pockets but keeps getting deflected by the rusted pins of life."
That is exactly that brings audience to the silver screen; to experience lights into Rabindranath Tagore's works and to see how love can play a role in the life of a person.

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