March 10, 2013

Foreign Criminals Using WH Online Petition

A petition has been made in the White House petition website that is being scammed by a terrorist network organized in Bangladesh. Sachalayatan, a blogging platform from Bangladesh exposed the techniques that the terrorist organization named Jamaat-e-Islami is using. It gives the complete way from creating fake emails to how to sign in the petition.

How would you send thousands of emails to the White House to stop the warcrimes tribunal?
A petition has been set up at the White House to stop the conspiratorial hanging of the leaders of Jamaat at the farcical tribunal in Bangladesh, which needs 100,000 signatures. If it is possible to get 100,000 signatures by March 18, Barak Obama will give out a statement protesting and condemning this and will take necessary actions against it. In order to reach the target quickly, you can follow the easy procedures described below.
1. Open your browser and click on the following link.
2. You will first have to create an account with an email to sign this petition.
3. Now open another tab and go to this link:
4. In the second tab, you will get a temporary email address which you have to copy. Then create a new account in the petition with this email. Wait until you get a confirmation link in the inbox. If you don’t get the confirmation link, go to the inbox and then copy and paste the email here (in the mail box) with which you signed up.
5. After creating the new account, sign the White House petition. Then close this tab and reopen it. (You may copy this link somewhere or bookmark it in the browser.)
6. Then again from the second tab, create a new mail ID using and create a new account at the White House petition page.
Don’t share this procedure on the Facebook wall, rather inform your friends of this via Facebook message or via emails. Please visit our blog daily. And to inform everyone in cell phones, use the following link to send SMS (text message) from PCs:
(N.B: Besides opening the White House petition site in our browser, you need to open the site in a second tab.)
If you don’t understand, please comment.” Sachalayatan writer enamulhoque1 translates the complete site into English.

Enamul Hoque also provided graphs to illustrate the way the fake emails has been used. One such graph shows that from Port Arthur, Texas, A. A. initialized name signed the petition more tan 400 times. This completely proves that the signs in the petition has been faked. The statistics from Port Arthur also shows that out of 473 signatures from Port Arthur, 476 were from the same place. The second diagram states that the spike from 26th February. In the side, it also shows that the Port Arthur, Texas. This region has the population of 54,000 but 1% of all the signatures for the petition came from this area and with the same initials, A. A.

Bangladesh has been facing violence by the Islamic terrorist organization Jamaat-e-Islami. They have rampages through minority communities and ordinary Bangladeshi citizens after their leaders were brought to trial for war crimes. It is claimed that they have ties to Pakistan and other criminal groups. Minority houses have been taken down, women have been raped and countless have been killed.

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