March 03, 2013

New Nazi and Hitler in Bangladesh

Families after families and houses after house are burning in Bangladesh. The international media has not taken any notice so far as another civil war erupted in the 8th populated nation. Bangladesh has always been a nation with Muslim majority; however, with the large population of minorities, there had been amiable nature between all of the sects. There has been one party that had been on the rise which is trying to transform the country into the state that Pakistan is in.

Recently, Hindus, minorities in Bangladesh has been targeted the most. Temples throughout the nation has been vandalized. In Noakhali, 76 Hindu houses had been burned down. Countless lives has been lost, but the international media is still silent and the human rights commissions are silent.

This "Bangla Spring" has been rarely taken into notice by the American government and American media. However, if the Islamic sects succeed, then there is a likely chance that Bangladesh will be turned into Afghanistan or Pakistan. This might become a major problem for not just Bangladesh's minorities and for the Western countries as well as Bangladesh might turn out to be a terrorist nation.

Prosecutors have compared one of the most important war criminals to Hitler. It was decided that the entire world will look into any nation that suffers from similar atrocity. Just as the Jews had been excavated out of their homeland and killed and raped, the minorities has also been punished the same way but the world didn't look at them. 

This atrocity should be stopped. Let those cries be stopped. Let the new Nazi Jamaat be stopped.

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