June 04, 2013

11-year old girl raped for 55 days

Her A+ in the intermediate assessment test brought her fame from even the local parliament member in Tongi, Bangladesh. She dreamed of the studies she would complete past 5th grade and continue on to her higher studies. But, everything was clouded for her on April 6th when she was kidnapped on her way home from school.

This 11-year old innocent Hindu girl was forcefully converted to Islam, which she had no idea of, and she was then married off to a man named Manik. For 55 days she was raped by Manik and other members of the group.

She was put to marriage that she did not agree to legally by a mollah, a Muslim priest. Being so young and naive, she didn't even understand what they were making her do when she was forcefully married. She was repeatedly raped from the day after she was kidnapped and the other kidnappers also tried to rape her.

At the age of 11, she cries of her life, which she cannot get back and change. As for Bangladesh, this incident has brought to light the conditions that Bangladeshi minorities are living through every day, which is primarily targeted towards the young Hindu girls.

Source: ধর্মান্তর ও ধর্ষণের শিকার মেধাবী স্কুলছাত্রী :: খবর :: কালের কণ্ঠ

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