June 29, 2013

"Black Law" Brings a New Curse for the Hindus

The proposed Debottor Sampatti Ayin, also called the Vested Property Act of 2013, has aroused much of Hindu population in Bangladesh. Many Hindu activist organizations are calling it the "Black Law".

They criticized various parts of the act, including clause 2 of the act that states that the religious properties will be held not by the religious organizations for the Hindus but by the local government. This will also mean that the priests and sages will be paid employees of the government and not be selfless devotees of the temples, which most Hindus believe is the way to salvation.

Clause 41 of the act also forces the temples to pay to the local government, which no other religious institution has to do. Clause 53 also states that government could take over any of the property whenever they wish to do so.

Clause 8.2 states that the religious institutions will be owned by chairman of the district government, the district commissioner, the superintendent of police and the last 8 will be from the political parties.

This act, if implemented, will not affect any Muslim mosque, Buddhist pagodas or Christian church.

Hindu activists also claim that this is another way to demolish the Hindus of Bangladesh after 180 temples, 277 houses, 58 businesses were burned down or vandalized just in 2013.

Sources: http://www.newagebd.com/detail.php?date=2013-06-29&nid=54904


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    1. If possible, please provide your reasons behind your disagreement.