About Me

I am "SSDT" the online name that I use to hide myself from everyone. My name corresponds directly to this initials, so only the ones who are closely related to me knows what this means. I am fond of computer, writing, typing and telling stories of the world and from my imaginations. I practice this as I grow up. As part of Rabindranath Tagore who once said "If you cannot accomplish at once, try it hundreds of times" and I have been writing hundreds of times to have perfection in my writing, though knowing which is impossible. Perfect perfection is held by the Supreme Being and I am thus only trying to achieve him only.

I am nothing to say as all my words are throughout my writing, incidents from my life, that might influence to show what it means to live, and incidents throughout the world.

Lastly, I would like to tell everyone, as my brother has asked me to explain the name of the blog. "Chotto Mind" as mind could be understood by anyone else is the inner being in everyone. Chotto is a stressed and emphasized Bengali word for small from the word "Choto" which means small. So, everyone would think that I have a small mindset and I am conservative. Well, sometimes I am but the purpose of the name is not that. The purpose held by the name contains the fact that my inner being is small, it has nothing, absolutely nothing to say about, no possession, no material object, just the Self and it's mind thus being concentrated on that Self.

If you have any question, contact me through the form below.

Thank your for visiting my blog.


  1. Nice blog. Sorry to hear that it had done down the drains in the last one. You should have built it here from first.

  2. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us. Why don't you teach how you modified this theme?


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is awesome. Keep posting and keep it alive.

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  5. Thank you Aero for your nice comments. Hope to see you too. I have changed the comment box to the default one. Hope that would make sense now for people to comment.

    I have also redesigned the blog. Don't know what is there much to say.